The Unconventional Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta—better known as Lady Gaga—was once a little girl with many privileges growing up in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Among other things, she had access to a great education including formal training in dance, music and theater. By the age of 17, she was one of 20-talented students who were accepted to enroll in Collaborative Arts Project 21 (CAP21)—a very prestigious musical theatre training conservatory and Off-Broadway theatre company.

Gaga briefly attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts before withdraw to persue her passion. This same passion took her to work for few years performing in the rock music scene of Manhattan's Lower East Side, where she initially did things like get naked to be listened to. After few years of hard work and many nocturnal shows later, she got signed. In 2008, 22 years old Lady Gaga became famous after the release of her debut album—The Fame.

I found this story fascinating. In particular I like the fact that this is not the typical american dream story. This unlike other inspirational stories the protagonist has more advantages than obstacles. This bring me to the following question: What motivate her to left college, sacrifice comfort and embrace uncertainy to follow her dreams?, to choose a path where originality and unconventionalism matter the most? I believe the answer to thess and other questions lies in her bazi.


Gaga is a Xin (yin metal) Day Master, represented by jewelry, people under this element like to be exposed. That explain why she loves perfoming on big scenarios. Also notice she has strong Direct Wealth (DW), which tell us something about her workaholic tendencies. Combine strong DW with rooted Direct Office (DO) and you get a very dedicated and hard working, or in case of Gaga someone whose work and professional life gets blurred from her personal one. There is evidence of this claim in some of her own declarations:

"My whole life is a performance piece, so I don't feel that I need to have my picture taken to feel that I am on a moment of art"

DO makes her really disciplined. A clear sign of this is how she always wears elaborated custums for every interview, or the many changes of clothes during her shows. Some would agree with me, that this fast-peace very demanding activity must be exhausting. Kind makes one wonder how is she able to pull all this off. Now we have a better idea—Xin day master + strong DM + strong DO.

Gaga career is characterized as being somehow rebelius and full of shocking decisions about her controversial clothes, excentric image, and emotionally loaded lyrics. For example, let's consider her appearence on the 2011 Grammy Awards where she assist to the red carpet event inside of this bizarre capsule/egg making it virtually impossible for anyone to take pictures or interviews from her. The roots of all this rebellius and unconventional nature can be trace to her's very strong Indirect Resource (IR) found in her bazi and reinforced when she enter her second luck pillar at the age of 17.


So you may think that everything she does is a well calculated move in order to building this polemic image resulting in great deal of attention by the media—and you might be right, I don't know, I also suspect that is the case—but she was also strongly driven by the need to escape of conventions and follow her own path whatever that be, whether or not is wise, whether or not is benefitial to her. As a mater of facts, she craves for freedom and strives to be different. As a result, she have become more original and daring than the rest of us.

Back to 2014, she has passed the rooted IR pillar and I believe her eccentricity will be disminished a little bit. However, I am also sure she will keep shocking us and loyal to his style since IR is strong in her day pillar. Usually anybody who have tried so hard to get the attention of media, sometimes gets it, but even then this vanishes very quickly. What it is unbelievable is the career Gaga has built so far, I think IR make her feel genuine and confers credibility to her flamboyant image. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with her incredible talent too.

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