Nadal, Federer and 10 gods

I don't remember the exact date, probably it was around 2006 when I started watching professional tennis. Roger Federer was number one and a living legend. I remember watching him playing in Grand Slam events and listen to the casters discuss how gifted he was. Back then, I didn't understand where all the buzz came from, I did however think that he looked cool doing the one-handed backhand shot.

A bit later I found very fascinating learning that Federer and Nadal were winning most of these mayor tournaments, 21 of 24 grand slams between 2005 and 2010 to be exactly. that's unbelievable, considering that tennis is as competitive as any other mayor sport out there and yet you won't see that level of dominance by top teams in others sports. Anyway, things have change a little since then, but there is no doubt that both Federer and Nadal will remain in the history of tennis for long time no matter what.

This post is about them, but more importantly is about trying to explain their increidible success with the help of bazi. Lets begin by looking at Federer chart:
The first thing I notice is seeing Hurting Officeer (HO) rooted, which explain why he is so skilled, of course he also started practicing at a very early age, but then again, so did the rest of top 20 ATP players. Lets look at what has been told about his style, in this case refering to his wikipedia's website:

"Federer is an all-court, all-round player known for his speed, fluid style of play, and exceptional shot making. Federer mainly plays from the baseline but is also comfortable at the net, being one of the best volleyers in the game today. He has a powerful, accurate smash and very effectively performs rare elements in today's tennis, such as backhand smash, half-volley and jump smash (slam dunk)".

Well I found this remarkable because the Hurting Officer is often associated with strong showmanship skills which is essencially how the style of Federer is described. On the other hand, when looking at nadal chart:
Note that Nadal does not have HO but very strong 7 Killings (7K) instead. So, how is this related to his style of play?, lets take a look:

"Nadal generally plays an aggressive, behind-the-baseline game founded on heavy topspin groundstrokes, consistency, speedy footwork and tenacious court coverage, thus making him an aggressive counterpuncher.Known for his athleticism and speed around the court, Nadal is an excellent defender who hits well on the run, constructing winning plays from seemingly defensive positions"

7 Killing is often refered as a warrior in nature and a never-die attitude to it, which coincidentally is how his style is described here. Interesting right?, Not impressed so far?, that's OK I wouldn't be either, after all these gods and styles of play don't really explain their astonishing careers, many other not so succesful players shared them as well.

So far, we have been contrasting their different styles. But it is possible their share something in common which make them special in tennis?, one thing they both share is Wu (yang earth) as their day master element, this is interesting since tennis is mentally very challenging endeavor, where concentration is critical, and very stressful short periods of time have the potential to dictated the destiny of the game, arise all the time. Under this perspective Wu is very suitable for tennis players since Wu people are probably the most stable of all. Now although interesting enough, there must be something else, something more rare to which attribute their extraordinare success. Looking more carefully to their charts again, you will find there is one exact pillar their share: Indirect Resource over Eating God Bing Shen. Federer has it in the month pillar, Nadal at its 21 luck pillar.

Before continue let me clarify that this is an hypothesis, I am not by any means a bazi expert, I can't even make sense of this pillar. So what make me suspect and expeculate about this? one thing, statistics. There are 60 different pillars combinations, but when you make room for pillars with the same gods, in this case both share the Wu same element, so we go from 60 to around 600 (due to 10 available elements) different pillars which share the same gods. Some of you may think that 600 is not so big considering every person have many luck pillars, while true, only the second or third luck pillars are relevant in the relative short span careers of elite tennis players. So there you have, an interesting pattern. I would love any feedback about this bing shen IR over EG crazy idea, please let me know what you think with your comments.

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